• Alexis Ziemba's podium presentation at the annual RPI BME Graduate Research Symposium was awarded 2nd place. Congratulations Alexis!
  • Devan Puhl was awarded the Rensselaer Graduate Fellowship. Congratulations Devan!
  • A paper authored by Anthony D'Amato was accepted for publication in the journal Polymer.  Congratulations Anthony!
  • Alexis Ziemba successfully passed her candidacy examination.  Congratulations Alexis!
  • Dr. Manoj Gottipati was awarded a post-doctoral fellowship from the Craig Neilsen Foundation.  Congratulations Manoj! A press release of this story was highlighted by RPI!  
  • A paper authored by Nicholas Schaub and Anthony D'Amato was accepted for publication in the Journal of Biomaterials Science, Polymer Edition.  The paper involves collaboration with Dr. David Corr (RPI) and Dr. Michelle Lennartz (AMC).  Congratulations Nicholas and Anthony!
  • Dr. Gilbert received the School of Engineering Teaching Award for Classroom Excellence.  Congratulations.
  • Alexis Ziemba's review paper highlighting biomaterials for drug delivery in the spinal cord is accepted in the online journal Frontiers in Pharmacology.  Congratulations Alexis!
  • A paper authored by Alexis Ziemba and Dr. Manoj Gottipati was accepted for publication in the journal ACS Chemical Neuroscience.  The paper involves collaboration with Dr. Richard Gross (RPI) and Dr. Michelle Lennartz (AMC).  Congratulations Alexis and Manoj!
  • Christopher Johnson's abstract was selected for a podium talk at this year's Society for Biomaterials meeting held April 5-8 in Minneapolis, MN.  Congratulations Chris!
  • Anthony D'Amato was awarded a NYS Department of Health Spinal Cord Injury Review Board GRFP Predoctoral Fellowship. Congratulations Anthony!
  • Congratulations to Alexis Ziemba and Christopher Johnson for receiving awards at the BMED graduate student symposium.  Alexis received 1st place for her poster presentation.  Christopher received 4th place for his podium talk.
  • Anthony D'Amato's paper was accepted for publication in the journal Fibers and Polymers.  Congratulations Anthony!
  • Dr. Manoj Gottipati was one of four post-doctoral associates selected from RPI to apply for the Blavatnik Award.  Congratulations Manoj!


  • Rensselaer Trustee's Outstanding Teaching Award presented to Ryan Gilbert (Top Teaching Award at RPI)
  • National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship awarded to Alexis Ziemba
  • NYS Department of Health Spinal Cord Injury Review Board GRFP Predoctoral Fellowship awarded to Christopher Johnson
  • Ryan Gilbert served as a guest editor for the Cell Tissue Organ Special Edition - Engineering Approaches for Treatment of Spinal Cord Injuries
  • Utility Patent (Application Number US2016/055314) filed by Anthony D'Amato
  • RPI Founders Award of Excellence awarded to Gilbert lab graduate students Anthony D'Amato, Christopher Johnson, and Alexis Ziemba
  • The Gilbert lab was featured in a Time Warner Cable News story about fibrous approaches for spinal cord injury treatment


  • R01 Grant awarded by the National Institutes of Health to Ryan Gilbert
  • Ryan Gilbert served as the Neural Engineering Track Chair - Neural Engineering, BMES Meeting



  • Ryan Gilbert served as Chairman for the VA Rehabilitation Research Development Committee (2013-2015)
  • "Cells, Tissues, Organs" Associate Editor: Ryan Gilbert



  • Ryan Gilbert was inducted into the Academy of Teaching Excellence - Michigan Technological University
  • Ryan Gilbert was a finalist for the Distinguished Teaching Award (Lecturer/Assistant Professor Category)